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Week of April 29, 2011

Study: School Climate a Key Factor in Feelings of Safety, University of Arizona
A study from the University of Arizona links student and teacher perceptions of school safety to a positive school climate.

Teacher used water bottle to discipline student, Sun Sentinel
A student alleges that a teacher in Florida sprayed her in the face with a water bottle as a form of discipline.

Russ Lemmon: Expulsion hearing to shed light on environment at middle school,
A story from Florida about a school’s harsh response to a fight and a grandfather’s fight to keep his grandson in school.

State board considers changing school discipline rules, The Baltimore Sun
Maryland is considering a new statewide rule that would limit the amount of time that a student can be suspended from school pending the outcome of an appeal of a disciplinary action.

Perry Student Suspension Controversy, WGMT 41
A student in Texas is caught in a zero-tolerance policy for holding her friend’s pocket knife – she’s being punished because her mom reported the incident.

Charters ‘nix 23%’ of kids, New York Post
The New York Post, usually an advocate for charter schools, has a piece about how easy it is for charters to expel students because of “behavior.”  The article says that 23% of students are “nixed” and gives examples of very minor infractions that have led to being pushed out.

Students and the law, Hernando Today
From Hernando County in Florida, following up on the story last week that more than 400 students were arrested over the last two years, the paper interviewed the DA in charge of prosecuting those students.

Online Activism Aims to Stop School Spankings, Mashable
Online Campaign Forms to Ban School Paddling, TMC
A couple of stories on Marc Ecko’s campaign to stop corporal punishment.

Suicides stir two families to action, StarTribune
A suggestion that zero tolerance school discipline was implicated in the tragic suicide of two teenage girls in Minnesota.

Schools Chancellor To Look Into Handcuffing Of Special Needs First-Grader, NY1
More on the 7-year old in NYC who was handcuffed and dragged out of school after having a tantrum. Chancellor Walcott promises to look into the incident and an assemblyman proposes a ban on handcuffing students.

Schools chancellor says at times restraints are needed, will look into handcuffing of special ed boy, NY Daily News
Walcott also says that restraint is necessary sometimes.  The quotes from the student in this article are heartbreaking.


Libby McCullough on her Son, Aspergers and the School to Prison Pipeline, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange
A mother’s story of her son’s struggle with Asperger’s Syndrome and how he was being pushed down the School to Prison Pipeline.

A revival of flogging?, The Economist
A provocative argument from a former Baltimore cop that we should give convicted criminals a choice between incarceration and flogging.  The Economist uses it as a springboard to talking about Hawaii’s innovative probation program.

Brilliant solutions for Philly’s school violence crisis, Chestnut Hill Local
A very snarky set of suggestions for dealing with school violence in Philly.